Baby Unit Daily Routine
8.00 am Arrival, good morning
8.30 am Breakfast
9.00 am Soft Play/ Sensory Play
10.00 am Snack Time
10.30 am Nappy change/ /Adult Led Activity
11.00 am Story/Singing/Music Session
11.30 am Lunch Time
12.00 pm Sleep time
2.00 pm Nappy change
2.30 pm Snack Time
3.00 pm Outdoor Play/ walk
3.45 pm Story/Singing
4.00 pm Tea Time
4.30 pm Adult Led Activity/ free play
5.00 pm nappy change
6.00 pm home time

Toodlers and pre-school Daily Routine
8.00 Arrival, good morning
8.30 Breakfast
9.00 Free flow indoor/outdoor
10.00 Snack Time
10.15 Nappy change/ toilet time/ Story/Singing
10.45 Adult Led Activity
11.30 Lunch Time
12.00 Sleep time or quiet activities
2.00 pm Nappy change/ toilet time
2.30 Snack Time
3.00 Adult Led Activity
3.45 Music Session
4.00 Tea Time
4.30-6.00 Free flow indoor/outdoor
5.00 nappy change
6.00 home time

Should  you wish to discuss any of the policies & procedures in more detail, please contact the managing director Wendy Gordon at any time.